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Four Months 'til Prom

Prom Checklist Prom Dresses, Beauty Appointments And More

The months and weeks leading up to your prom will consist of planning, trying on various designs of prom dresses, and preparing for your special evening. This prom checklist will help you plan the months ahead so you won't forget the little things.

Four Months 'til Prom

Plan your prom budget by pricing formal dresses, prom accessories, and beauty services such as hair makeup and nails. Start saving money for your prom gown as well as other items you'll need so there will be enough money when you need it.

Three Months to Go

About three months before your prom, start maintaining your nails and hair so they'll be the style and length you want for prom night. You can't grow long hair or nails in a week or two, but you can grow them and start maintaining their beauty over a three-month period. Also, this is the time to buy your prom dress if possible - especially if ordering online. You'll avoid last minute crowds and get the biggest expense out of the way. This also gives added time for alterations if needed.

Start looking for accessories online to go with your prom dress. You might buy these along so you won't have to spend as much money at once. Begin making reservations for your dinner date, and reserve a limousine if you plan to travel in luxury!

If you want to lose a little weight before the prom, now's the time to start. Begin a daily exercise regime and start eating less at each meal. Opt for fruits instead of sweets and cut down on carbs and sugars. But don't lose too much weight if you've already ordered your prom gown!

With Two Months Left....

Get your prom dress alterations if needed. Make appointments for hair, nails and makeup at a hair salon. It might be a good idea to make an appointment for a trial run so you'll know how your hair and makeup will look beforehand. Then you can make any changes to the styling if needed. Buy your prom shoes and have them dyed to match your dress. Select undergarments for your prom dress.

With Four Weeks to Go

Within four weeks, go ahead and purchase your prom tickets. Wear your prom shoes around the house to break them in for more comfort. Also, introduce your date to your parents if they haven't already met him. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and treat skin acne to get rid of blemishes.

Three Weeks before Prom

Confirm all appointments to be sure there are no problems. Try on your prom dress after alterations to be sure it fits properly. Make sure your trial hair appointment goes well before settling on a light pink homecoming dresses hairstyle.

Just Two Weeks to Go

With two weeks left, buy your last minute prom items such as pantyhose, camera and film, a handbag and jacket to match your dress, gloves, and other items. Be sure your prom night schedule includes a time of relaxation such as a nice dinner before and a fun time with friends afterwards. Get together some materials and a scrapbook to record all the important moments of your prom.

On Prom Day

When prom day finally arrives, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. Do something relaxing to soothe those stomach butterflies! Stuff your handbag or purse with touch-up makeup, cash, a camera, identification, etc. Don't wash your hair if you plan to wear it pinned up. Get your hair, nails and makeup done at the beauty parlor (wear a button-up shirt so you won't mess up your hair). Pick up your date's boutonniere (store in refrigerator). Most importantly, get ready for a wonderful time!

Planning ahead months in advance for your prom will help you get through the preparations with minimal stress. You'll enjoy the prom day and night more if you don't wait until the last minute to do everything.

Look around online for prom dresses early so you can find styles you like. Many online prom retailers carry affordable prom dresses by various designers with stunning looks for every figure imaginable. They might also sell homecoming dresses, ball gowns, and all sorts of eveningwear. With so many choices, you can easily find what you need for the prom from your own home computer while saving time and money.

The Prom Dress The Evergreen Memory

The Prom Dress is probably one of the most important dresses a young lady will wear in her growing up years. It signifies the start of a new time in her life; one that symbolizes the transition from the fun, carefree days at school to a more serious course of adulthood. It is a new milestone in her youth that marks the journey into womanhood, to shouldering more responsibility than ever before.

A prom dress is more than just a dress. When a high school senior starts preparing for the prom night, usually months in advance, she looks upon the ensemble as her statement to the world saying fitted wedding dresses in no frivolous terms who she is and what she wants to be. It is also the freedom to make a choice and the understanding that it comes with some responsibility. That is why girls choose their prom night dresses with utmost care and make it well-planned, well thought out decision.

Technology has helped young adolescents make better choices, thanks to the Internet, the new age marvel. Now you have a variety of dresses for the prom night at your fingertips. If you feel comfortable in your skin, there is a dress to make it better for you. Whether you want to enhance your looks or make a dramatic change on the prom night, there is destination bridal gowns one dress out there on the World Wide Web to make it real for you.

Not just choices, the web is helping girls choose their prom dresses at the prices they want. There are budget prom dresses, there are extravagant dresses and then there are the ones in between. So whether you are a petite size or a plus, you can find a dress to make a statement at the prices you feel comfortable with. Does it get any better?

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