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If you follow the fashion industry even just a little

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Prom Dress

Every teenage girl dreams of the day, and night, of her first prom. Preparing for that one event, however, can take weeks, sometimes longer. If you will be looking forward to Prom Night ?junior, senior or some other kind ?this article will help you save some money, some time and perhaps even some face.

Everything has to be perfect and done exactly right according to your own specifications. It is your night, after all. Your date, corsage, limo, hairstyle and makeup are all critically important. But the one thing that outshines all of the other items of importance is the dress. The prom dress is the icing on the cake, and more than any other single thing can determine what the outcome of the evening will be. There is no room for error here!

No matter who is going to pay for the dress, it is important to shop around before making any final decision. Beyond the price range you (or your parents) have established, there are a number factors to consider when choosing the right gown. The color, length, fabric, style and overall fit are what will make your dress a success. Here are 10 tips you need to know before you go shopping:

1. The first tip is more of a reminder, perhaps. (Make that several reminders!) You need a firm budget so you don waste time on a designer gown you can afford. You also need to know your best and worst colors, what designs and features work best with your body type, how to recognize quality clothing and so on. If you feel less than qualified in any of these areas, by all means get good advice ?and take it.

2. Bring the shoes that youe going to wear along with you. You need to make sure that the dress is the right length for the heel height, and that the colors match or coordinate correctly. Remember that your shoes must coordinate with more than just the color(s) of the dress. You need to be in balance style-wise, too. In fact, your shoes are very important to your choice of a final dress.

3. Avoid dresses that have trains on them. Although it might look great in front of a mirror or strolling in the store, a train can cause some major foul-ups on the dance floor. Trains are a hassle and the last thing you need to worry about is tripping in front of everyone.

4. Of course, there is going to be dancing at the prom. Be sure that your dress fits right in relation to the top of your shoe. Otherwise it might be the hem of your dress that you dance on all night instead of the parquet floor.

5. If the dress ties in the back, make sure that it is done in a way that is going to be secure over a period of time, and in different positions (sitting, dancing, walking). Some girls will use a hidden safety pin, discreetly placed, to ensure that the back of the dress stays closed. After all, you don want that date of yours, or anyone else, getting any funny ideas.

6. If the dress happens to be strapless, make sure that the front of the dress fits right. Otherwise this can turn into a real embarrassment. Remember, too, that you will not be able to wear a regular bra with a strapless dress, as well as those with "spaghetti straps." There are a few different kinds of "partial" or "strapless" bras that you might consider using, and some dresses come with "integral cups" for shaping and support.

Kenneth Pool Wedding wedding gown with sleeves Dresses

If you follow the fashion industry even just a little bit, then you have no doubt heard of the Kenneth Pool collection. Although the name is a moniker used by fashion designer Austin Scarlett, who is currently head of the creative design aspect of the company, the name still symbolizes class thanks to a modern line of gorgeous wedding gowns and dresses. The Kenneth Pool bridal collection is one of the most sought after in the industry and continues to grow in popularity by the day. While Austin Scarlett actually earned his stardom by being a finalist on the TV show, Project Runway, he was formally educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Kenneth Pool wedding dresses range from classy and elegant, to modern and edgy, but have been featured in many places across the globe. They use a mix of luxurious fabrics and hand beaded design that creates stunningly elegant and visually impressive gowns sure to have a groom in tears. Kenneth Pool bridal collection is updated every year and is often displayed custom bridal gowns in catalogs and magazines. Scarlett prefers to design "over the top" style dresses and gowns that symbolize the importance of the event, but also keeps functionality in mind.

Most of the Kenneth Pool line is made to order and is indian wedding dresses personally designed in the New York boutique that is the home of the enterprise and it can take some time to have a dress prepared. The gowns cost somewhere between $4,000 and $11,000, which is somewhat standard in an industry known for hand crafted elegance and superb attention to detail. Although man people may not be able to afford a dress of this magnitude, you can sometimes find a used version online or in specialty shops. Fear not though, because just because a gown has been used does not mean it will look like it. Most shopkeepers take excellent care to keep Kenneth Pool gowns in their original condition, repairing them if necessary.

If you are looking to buy a Kenneth Pool wedding dress, then I recommend traveling to New York and visiting their showroom. At the least, you might want to visit their website so you can get an idea of the style and design that is predominant in their brand. When it comes time to choosing a wedding dress, which is a very personal and important decision, it can be a good idea to examine as many options as possible. This is especially true if you are going to spend several thousand dollars on a wedding dress. Kenneth Pool is very popular for a reason; they design perfect wedding dresses that are sure to impress not only the wedding party and the crowd, but anyone that sees photos of the occasion. Every season they design a new set of dresses, which you can probably see in fashion shows and on the TV. The cost is certainly reasonable considering the amount of care that goes into the design and creation of each dress. Although the wedding is only one day, the memories will last a lifetime.

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