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What to do: Be aware of the risks involved; the


WHAT IN AND WHAT OUT FOR 2010 PROM DRESSES The prom night can be considered as the fashion night of the school each year as the junior and senior students excitedly come in the trendiest of dresses they can wear. The choice of a prom dress shows off their personality, mood and fashion statement so it is just very important to find the right prom dress for the year. It is just like the magic of fairy god mother to Cinderella when a girl wears the prom dress that brings out her natural beauty. So to definitely ensure that what she wears this year consignment wedding dresses would make her aura beyond compare, here are some guides of what is n?and what is ut?for prom dresses 2010: 1.Long gowns are out, short dresses are in Maybe ball gowns are classic, but it is 2010! It is time to show those long legs through short dresses. Pencil style dresses just right below the knee bring a sexy look for those with a little flab on the legs, while balloon dresses above the knee give out glamour and sophistication for the skinny. 2.Black is out, white is in A prom queen for 2010 should feel like a teen princess rather than a mature maiden. Skip out the traditional black dress for the night and turn to a very sweet white dress. Add some shimmers in the skin for a glow. The dainty, shining effect will surely make one stand out in the crowd. 3.Dull colors are out, bright colors are in Elegance can be now worn through bright colors such as pink, yellow, red, green and tangerine. This would not just set the mood for a fun night but it will also brighten one appearance through the dazzling colors. Add some ornaments that match the color to complete the trend. 4.Plain designs are out, loud prints are in Dresses with bold prints and floral designs are very graceful than simple plain dresses. Brooch, laces and ruffles are very feminine and chicly for the eyes that gives a charming effect for the guys out there. 5.Bare fabrics are out, metallic fabrics are in Futuristic design is one of the themes for 2010 prom dresses. Girls who want to catch lasting impression should try adding beads and sequence to their dress for a glittery, slinky effect. Putting on some gold and silver blings can grab attention, while metallic embellishments are totally fashionable.

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Prom Dresses From Overseas Auction Sellers Five Things You Need To Know

Browse online auction sites and you're sure to be amazed by the number of bargain prom dresses being advertised. However many people fail to factor in shipping charges, customs duty and VAT before purchasing a gown and end up with a prom dress which costs more than they expected. In addition to this, buying overseas may make it harder to get a refund if you receive a gown that does not match the description.

The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the things to bear in mind when buying prom dresses from overseas auction site sellers.

1. They may be making money on the shipping charge, not the purchase price

Does the price of the gown seem too good to be true? Many sellers offer a very low price on prom dresses and make their money from charging very high shipping charges. They do this because they know that many consumers will focus on the purchase price, treating the shipping price as an incidental cost. In some cases, by the time you've added on shipping costs, you can end up paying more than three times as much as you expected.

What to do: Many people focus on the bargain purchase price and try to put the postage price out of their mind. When ordering a prom dress from overseas the cost of shipping becomes part of your cost of purchasing the item. Always check the postage price and calculate the total amount that ordering this dress will cost you before making the decision to buy.

2. Overseas Prom Dresses will cost you 30% more than you think

If you're importing a prom dress into the UK from a county outside of Europe you will be charged VAT and Customs Duty by HMRC if the amount you pay (for the item, shipping included) is over ?0. VAT and Customs Duty are calculated based on the shipping and purchase cost. Once added on these taxes will normally increase the price of prom dresses by around 30%. This means if you pay ?0 for the dress and ?0 for delivery the total you will end up paying will not just be ?20, it will be close to ?60.

What to do: Contact HMRC for advice on how to work out the VAT and customs prom dresses attract.

So let's say you receive a gown and wish to return it. What are your options with regards to prom dresses which don't fit or dosn't meet their descriptions?

3. It will cost you money to return the Dress

If the seller agrees to let you return your prom gown then don't forget that you'll be the one second wedding dresses who has to pay out for international postage to send it back to them.

What to do: Ensure that you bear this risk in mind when purchasing your gown.

4. You may find UK law unenforceable destination bridal gowns

What happens if the factory refuses to allow you to return an item? If you were buying from a UK seller you have the options of contacting Trading Standards or taking the seller to small claims court. However, while UK law is enforceable in the UK, you may find it very difficult to enforce if you've bought prom dresses overseas.

What to do: Be aware of the risks involved; the greatest protection you have are therefore the threat of negative feedback or using a protected payment method.

5. Raising a dispute may not be successful.

If worse comes to worst and the seller won't refund your money for a dress which doesn't match the description then you have two options. You can either threaten the seller with negative feedback or (if you've used a secure payment method) you can raise a dispute. However do bear in mind that such disputes are often difficult to settle and it is by no means fairytale wedding dresses a guarantee that you will definitely get your money back.

Buying prom dresses overseas from online auction sellers not only has hidden customs and VAT costs, it also has inherent risks. Be aware that buying abroad often means paying high shipping costs, customs duty, VAT and can affect your ability to return an item with which you are not satisfied. With this in mind you will be in a position to make an informed decision about whether the costs and risks involved in buying from an overseas seller make it a good option for you

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