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Winter prom dress should choose a blue background in vivid,

Teach You To Master The Collocation Skills Of The Prom Dress - Color

Glittering lantern display of dance. Chips light staggered attractive men and women.Who would not want to become a protagonist in this flourish of the party? Therefore, the choice of dress and match crucial, Smil Wedding teach you how to choose for your prom dress. Prom dress with luxurious skills, rather than the more concern in the annual trends and elements. Only the right prom dress with the skills to use, and then on this basis, showing the seasonal fashion elements, "dress up" can be both stylish and good-looking!

In fact, prom dress match skills in two ways: First, the color, the second is the somatotype. Today, we will give you to explain the color match on the prom dress.

Prom dress color match the main approximation of the color and contrast color, this is the most common clothing color match. Sort of a rainbow: red, orange, PCV violet, twenty-two phase between the adjacent color mix is to approximate the color.The advantage of this color is the very harmony between color, contrast is soft and elegant, not publicity, but points more conservative, steady people who like this type of color.

The rainbow colors were arranged in circular form of equalization will generally form a 180 diagonal color combinations: orange - blue, red - green, yellow - purple.These three groups of color contrast is most intense, often giving glare, too much feeling, it is more suitable for use by people who like to show self-personality.

Color classification to do with the nature, the most obvious seasons, each season has its unique and coordinated colors, and you are born with a set of colors to bring out your charm. Here we briefly describe what we should choose what color prom dress in different seasons.

Spring prom dress has a warm yellow background color should be chosen to open in the clear, elegant colors, like daffodils in spring, first flowering in general.

Summer prom dress should choose a light blue background color, brilliant pink in mid-June release, like the soft blue sky, the sea people feel a cool.

The fall of prom dress should choose the background color with golden, radiant in the warm, rich autumn color, like the colorful leaves in October, light and comfortable.

Winter prom dress should choose a blue background in vivid, bright, unified, cold cold colors shining, just as dazzling and bright snow.

Therefore, the Spring and Autumn is a warm group, yellow for the background of the summer and winter is cold color group, and blue for the background. Although the color difference is very small, but coupled with different brightness (luminance) and depth sweetheart neckline homecoming dresses (saturation) there is a significant difference and change.

You can apply these colors in clothes, makeup, hair, shoes, purses, accessories, and prom dress, with the characteristics of color to cover up your shortcomings, showing you the advantages, and create a whole you. The Smil Wedding with you learning this interesting course.

Find The Perfect Wedding celebrity bridal gowns Dress For Your Body Shape

Before you even start trying on those wedding dresses, stop for a minute and think about your own natural body shape. For you to look amazing in your dream wedding dress you need to buy a dress that compliments your body shape.

Below are the main body types with the corresponding wedding dress styles that will help you look like mermaid wedding gown a million dollars on your wedding day.

If you're a pear shape (bottom heavy) a ball gown style wedding dress would be perfect for you, it will give you a waist and cover those larger hips, on your wedding day, you really do not want to be asking the question "Does my bum look big in this?".

If your tall and thin, well, frankly you've been blessed (even though it doesn't feel like it when your shopping for clothes!) - You will look fantastic in a slim wedding dress, such as a dress made from satin that skims over your body, highlighting your perfect features to the full.

Petite brides need to stay away from ballroom type wedding dress, you do not want to be a little head poking out from a mountain of white. Also keep away from wedding dresses with dropped waist lines as these will make you look shorter too. A-line or a Princess A-line wedding dresses with natural waistlines will elongate your silhouette making a petite you seem to appear taller.

If your a bit bulkier than you would like around your waist then go for a wedding dress that has a high waistline. Brides with thick waist look their best in empire gowns which have a high waistline. Empire waistlines are usually right below the bust line that flow into long slimming skirts. You would not want to look huge on your wedding day, so stay away from natural waistline wedding dresses such as the A-line or Princess A-line which would emphasize your waist.

If you are one of those lucky woman who have a hourglass figure an A-line wedding dress with a dropped waist would absolutely amazing on you. Show of your best assets with a low cut bodice.

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