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How to Find A Right Style Wedding Dress for You

Every bride-to-be wants to be the most stunning person on her big day. This article is going to elaborate how to choose a wedding dress style based on your body shape.

Wedding day is one of the rare important days when you will be the focus of the public. Ever since the brides-to- be started to prepare their big day, they will have been being engaged in their wedding dress issues from surfing the internet and magazine to find the right dress, visiting frequently the nearby boutiques, trying on numerous wedding dresses and waiting for the arrival.

Finding the right wedding dress style that flatters both your body and personality seems really a daunting task. Here are some tips for simplifying your wedding dress hunting.

A flattering wedding dress can highlight the beauty of bride and it is usually the sparkle of a wedding. It is no wonder, therefore, that finding the right wedding dress is often the part of a wedding planning that takes the longest time.

Facing the myriad of different styles to choose from, it is crucial to know which style will fit you well. The most poplar wedding dress styles and the body types they flatter are listed below.


This style is the one that can best accentuate the beautiful curves of people. However, wedding dresses of such a style are only recommendable for those that enjoy the hour glass body type. Mermaid wedding dress is usually tightly fitted and therefore only those that are perfectly shaped can wear it to show off the curves.


This style with a empire waist line at the bottom of the bust and a dropping skirt from the waist line will help to make the brides look taller. Such a style is a great alternative for the petite with small bust.


This style is the most seen no matter it is a prom or wedding. A-line wedding dress with its fitting characteristic and the elegance it bears tends to flatter all body types. This style is fitted jovani evening dress down the waist line and then falls free from there. The curvy bodice and the ball gown will have to accentuate the princess feeling you have been pursuing for.


The goddess wedding dress is a great option for those that are trim and toned. This style is usually seen in a one strap shoulder style. Getting its inspiration from the ancient Greece, this gown adds a touch of class and sensuality. The twisted and tucked look coupled with revealing arms and shoulders is enchanting especially in the view of men.

When choosing your wedding dress, whether it is faddy or chic doesn matter what that will have the most say is the one that can best reflect your personality and the beauty of you.

Prom Dress Styles That Show Off Your Shoulders

Getting ready for the prom is no easy task. The prom night is one of the most awaited nights of every teenager and it should be worth the wait at all cost. More than anything else choosing the perfect prom dress is the most difficult. While it is every girl's dream to look her best on this special night, it cannot be denied that more than just the looks, the dress plays a vital role as well. As such, it is very important to determine the prom dress that would practically flaunt all your assets.

There are different types of gowns and styles that could look good on anyone. However, the most popular designs that would fit a special night such as the prom night are those styles which show off the shoulders. Here are ten prom dress styles that show off the shoulders.

1.Off shoulders. Whatever your figure is, off shoulder dresses would always look right. For those who are overweight, the emphasis is directed on your shoulders rather than your physical built. Moreover, with this style, your shoulders will definitely stand out since the skin around this area is generally clear and smooth.

2.Diagonal shoulder line cut. This style is very sexy. Aside from exposing the shoulders, it also exudes an aura of mystery since only one side of the shoulders is totally exposed.

3.Spaghetti straps. Prom dresses with spaghetti straps will definitely show off the shoulders. The thin intricate straps add to the sexiness of the dress.

4.Sleeveless dresses. Perhaps one of the simplest ways of exposing the shoulders is wearing a sleeveless prom dress. This style is elegant yet conservative. homecoming dresses online In other words, it is conservatively sexy.

5.Haltered gowns. There are a lot of beautifully designed haltered prom dresses that show off the shoulders perfectly. Haltered dresses would look good on skinny shoulder blades and square-shoulder structure.

6.Tube. Tube dresses are definitely one of the sexiest ways of showing off the shoulders. This style is very flexible since you can easily wear a shawl or scarf over the dress if you are not very comfortable with wearing a tube prom dress. The amazing thing is, even if you put on a shawl, you can still show off those beautiful shoulders.

7.Backless off shoulders. Now this dress does not only emphasize the shoulders, but the back as well. Since the skin on both these body parts is smooth and clear, wearing this kind of prom dress will definitely get you the attention that you deserve.

8.Layered tube lavender homecoming dresses dress. Most people may know this particular style as the three sisters' since this style is actually composed of three layers of cloth cascading like stairs. This style will be perfect for any type of body figure and is a great way of showing off the shoulders as well.

9.Strapless. Strapless prom dresses are very popular not only in today's generation but since time immemorial. This style does not only emphasize slender figures but makes the bust look fuller too.

10.Plunging neckline. Many women may not think of this style as emphasizing the shoulders but rather the bust; but actually dresses with plunging necklines also show off the shoulders. Although the main focal point is the bust, the shoulders are subtly showed off too.

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