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Tulle: Tulle is the material that tutus are made of.

Prom Dresses - A Growing Market

It is now increasingly popular for high schools to have an end-of-year prom, mimicking jovani sale an American high school tradition that has spread across the world. With the rise in popularity of these events comes the inevitable market for prom dresses as sixteen-year-old girls across the country prepare for their special night.

Many online companies, based in the UK or America, offer prom dresses and accessories; a quick online search returns thousands of potential vendors for that all-important dress. The popularity of such sites was already assured in America, but the growing popularity of prom dresses has grown over here, meaning that more and more sellers are UK-based offering faster delivery and easier returns than those based overseas.

For those wishing to try before they buy, however, many high-street chains sell dresses appropriate for high school proms. Large retailers such as Debenhams and TK Maxx sell dresses that are usually reasonably priced and offer a wide selection. Other stores such as Warehouse, Coast and Monsoon also do formal dresses which, while not originally marketed as prom dresses, are beginning to gain popularity as retailers during the prom season, usually at the beginning of summer.

Dressmakers, a relatively small trade, have seen the benefits of the growing popularity of prom dresses in recent years. Teenagers, desperate to impress their classmates and have the best dress at the ball, are more and more frequently turning to the option of having their dress specially made. This can work out cheaper than buying off the rack, and means no awkward situation of turning up in the same dress as a friend.

The popularity of a school prom does not appear to be waning - both schools and colleges now offer end-of-year balls and many girls will buy different dresses for both, meaning this is a market that will continue to thrive. With a primary school recently making headlines for offering a prom for their eleven-year-old school leavers, it seems that if anything the prom is only going to get bigger; and with it, the market for dresses.

Types Of Prom Dress Materials To Choose From

Choosing a prom dress can be a daunting process. Spend some time learning what constitutes a prom dress to narrow down your choices. Some fabrics may appeal to you right away.

Know that different fabrics drape better than others and look better on different shapes. Some girls can wear a very slinky silk prom gown and look fabulous, while others look better in a fabric that hangs a little further from the body, giving an overall glamorous silhouette. A flowing train on

Another consideration in choosing the fabric of your prom dress is the style of gown. If you are after a movie star red carpet look, a fun flirty short style with loads of ruffles or a gothic princess look. The type of material you choose makes a difference.

Many prom gowns are a combination of a couple fabrics, the most common types of prom gown materials to choose from include;

Silk: Silk is a captivating classic choice for a prom dress. It is shimmery, elegant and always in style.

Organza: Feels much like silk, but is light weight due to the blend of silk, polyester and nylon that comprise the fabric. Organza falls nicely and works well for long dresses as it creates a nice line when it drapes.

Taffeta: Taffeta is a stiffer fabric choice for prom dresses, but makes lovely shorter dresses when combined with tulle underlays. Dare to be delightfully different shop for homecoming dresses with a taffeta prom dress.

Satin: Satin is not as durable as silk and when the fibers are mixed with cotton, the knee length bridesmaid dresses fabric is called sateen and is a lighter soft fabric.

Chiffon: Chiffon makes a beautiful statement and flows nicely over the body. Often used in layers for prom dresses, chiffon creates a sugary sweet look. Chiffon is shimmery and looks like closely woven netting when looked at closely. Irridescent chiffon makes any girl look like a gem.

Charmeuse: Charmeuse has a floaty appearance which drapes beautifully making it an excellent choice for prom dress material. It is silk with a satin finish and like most prom dress material is extremely fragile.

Tulle: Tulle is the material that tutus are made of. It is a net like fabric often used in layers under a prom simple wedding dresses dress to add bulk.

Velvet: Provides a unique looking prom gown. If you love vintage looks, choose velvet. It is soft and thick and is best found in structures dresses.

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