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Whatever name you want to give it, whether it's a

Spring 2011 Fashion And Your Choice Of Prom Dress

Have you got around to considering your prom dress for 2011?

It may still debs homecoming dresses seem a little way off, but this year's spring and summer fashions have already been announced, and here we will take a quick look at some of the trends you can expect to see.

Most of you will want a dress which really looks like a "traditional" prom dress, but no matter how subtle jovani cocktail the influences may be, you can expect this year's fashion trends to show their face either in this style or cut of the dresses or perhaps more so in the way that you accessorize.

Here are three of spring and summer 2011 is top fashion trends, and perhaps things you may want to bear in mind when shopping for your prom dress.

1970's fashion given a 2011 makeover.

They say that everything that goes around comes around, and it's that time of 70s fashion again. Whether it be the chic "Carnaby Street" style and look or the more sophisticated maxi look, both the style and the colouring of dresses may well affect a more 70s feel this year.

The reinterpretation of 1970s chic will polarise colours either as earthenware and the Bohemian, or at the other extreme as bright and loud. It may not be the year for subtle tones of your favourite primary colours.

Bear in mind though, if a traditional style of dress appeals to you, then that's probably what you should go for. Don't feel that you have to be at the cutting edge of fashion.

Asymmetrical Hems?

Whatever name you want to give it, whether it's a shirt tail hem, tapered hen or even a cutaway hem, the dresses and skirts that are cut longer at the back are making a fashion comeback in Spring of 2011.

If you are wearing a knee length dress to the prom this year, then there are some very chic varients of this hemline available. There are also a few styles that are floor length at the back and a few inches higher at the front for those who are really adventurous.

Perhaps this will may not affect your choice of prom dress itself, but if you plan to accessorize with a jacket to arrive in, then this hemline may be one you want to consider.

Bags and Purses

Where would we be without accessories. The finishing touches to an outfit that can add such a personal stamp?

Well, purses and bags have undergone quite a change in style this year. Strapped bags are back, and are being worn higher up the arm. You may or may not want to carry a bag around with you at your school prom, but if you do, there is a range of short strapped bags and clutches which are designed to hang either from the wrist or off the shoulder at waist level.

Of course, the main purpose of your prom dress is to make you feel as good and confident as possible. So, regardless of what this season's fashions are dictating, remember to choose a dress which suits you and that you feel comfortable in.

Prom Dresses Right Selection For The big wedding dresses Best Attention

When shopping around for your prom dress, you have to pay great attention to your unique body structure; you may not have go all out to select exactly the style you saw on a prom dress model in a prom magazine since it may not suit your perfectly. Allow your selection of prom dress to be influenced by your body structure and hence go for the most suited gown or dress for your prom night. Prom dresses will add to the specialty of your prom night.

Now, if your body figure is such that has fewer curves, a sheath fitted style may be just perfect for you. You can also try out an A-line dress if you want to look somewhat daring on your special night. Perhaps your figure is on the slender side; a prom dress with an A-line skirt will compliment your slender figure and also supply the illusion of added curves. It may not be pleasing to behold if you go for halter style dresses or strapless dresses for your very skinny figure.

Those with plump and somewhat protruding tummy can tuck in their tummies and provide a flattened appearance by opting for empire style waist style of dresses; these styles will provide a more slender as well as long look and the illusion of a flattened tummy. Also, for the purpose of tucking in your tummy rock princess vera wang (if you are on the plump-mid section), a dress with a corset-type bodice will take away concentration from the tummy and direct it to the bust area. The young girls with big tummies should avoid princess style prom dresses and also the sheaths style as well as Basque waist gowns; horizontal stripes and sashes should also be avoided.

For young girls with heavy arms, off-shoulder necklines as well as short sleeves will be the perfect styles to conceal your heavy arms. You can also go for see-through lacey sleeves in order to redirect attention from your arms to a more adorable part of your body. You can also direct attention away from your big arms to the bust area by choosing sweetheart necklines; and make sure you stay away from styles such as spaghetti straps, sleeveless and strapless, since they focus attention more on your arm region. A more creative way to hide your large arms is to get a prom jacket or a wrap on for size.

Perhaps your dress size is a plus size, this should not constitute any concern to you since the present day prom dresses make provision for all sizes; besides, you will find such styles that will help conceal your large sized body as well as enhance your good features. You can hide your backside by going for a full-skirted dress or a strapless ball gown. Alternatively, a flared skirt will work to enhance your slim waistline. And go more for a fitted bodice like corset style in order to get attention upward.

Ensure that your correct measurement is taken if you are not the one making the shopping for your dress. You can compare Faviana dresses and Sherri Hill prom dresses as well as other top designers in order to settle for what is best suited for your unique figure.

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