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CSA SafeCheck™ Inspections
It's like a filter for your CSA Scores.

What is a CSA SafeCheck™ Driver/Vehicle Inspection?
It is a full compliance check of drivers and vehicles in operation that identifies potential CSA violations before they affect CSA Scores, cost money in fines, or worse...cause an accident.

What are the benefits of using CSA SafetyCheck inspections by Truck Safety Services?
We are CSA regulations experts and since we perform "service ready" inspections, we catch many of the CSA violations that slip through typical carrier inspection procedures. Adding this quality control allows you to reduce roadside violations and protect your CSA scores by accurately assessing on road compliance.

The CMV Inspection Specialist will inspect all possible CSA violations including:
  • Vehicle components
  • Driver credentials
  • Cargo Securement  and more!
Contact us for more information on how SafeCheck Inspection lanes can help you!

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